Our Promise: Integrity & Excellent Customer Service

We want you to purchase from us with confidence!  In this online world, you never know what you are going to get with an online store.  It's easy to find stores and experiences that over promise and under deliver when you find flashy websites and "great deals".   But we aim to change that experience for you.  

We want you to feel like you walked into our store and looked us in the eye and saw a real family, working hard to serve you well with quality products that you want, competitive prices and true integrity in the way we do business. We strive to work and live with alignment to our core values, which are: honesty, integrity, fairness, work ethic, service, gratitude and joy.

We truly like people.  We like connecting with new people and we like serving them well.  So we want you to know that there are real people answering the phones and returning your voicemails and emails.  We have real relationships and communication with our Brand Partners and we strive to represent them and their products well. 

We work hard to set competitive, fair prices and offer free shipping for you.  We hope you feel valued and welcome here.  We want you to know we will work hard to serve you in any way we can.  And we hope you feel like you are "supporting local" when you purchase from us.  Yes, we have an online store.  And no, we may not live next door to you.  But in the way we treat you, we want you to feel like you walked into your neighborhood store and went away feeling good about your purchase.